LG launches 5 new phones ahead of CES 2017

LG recently launched 5 new phones the stylus 3,k4,k3,k10 and k8.

  • LG stylus 3

Let’s start with the Stylus 3 it supports a 5.7inch screen with 1280×720 resolution,it runs on the mediatek MT6750 clocked at 1.5ghz processor with 3gb of ram.

Coming to the camera its having a 13mp front camera with a 8mp front camera,3200 mAh battery,16gb of internal storage and a stylus.

  • LG k10

K10 has a 5.2inch screen,2gb of RAM and is running on the same mediatek processor as the Stylus 3.Coming to the camera its having 13mp rear camera,5mp front camera,2800mah battery and is available in 2 variants 16 or 32gb.

  • LG k8

LG k8 has a 5inch screen,1.5gb of RAM running on the Snapdragon 425chip,16gb of internal memory.13/5Mp camera and a 2,500mah battery.

  • LG k4

LG k4 has the same screen size as the k8,but offers much lower resolution 854×480 pixels,runs on the Snapdragon 210 chip,2500mah battery and two 5Mp cameras.It comes with only 8gb of internal storage updragable to 32gb.

  • LG k3

LG k3 has a 4.5inch screen,1gb of RAM,2100mah battery,runs on the Snapdragon 210 chip with only 8gb of storage.Coming to the camera its having 5/2mp cameras.

Pricing-The pricing of these phones will be announced soon and all of these will be displayed at CES 2017.

Honest opinions-Stylus 3,k10,k8 are the phones which can be considered while buying a new phone,but k4 and k3 are not worth buying so please don’t even consider buying k4 or k3.


Author: Bhumik Grover

Tech enthusiast, Introvert, Editor and Owner at technomagzn.com.

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