Black pearl version of Samsung Galaxy s7 edge is now available in India

Recently Samsung added a new colour to its S7 edge line-up the Gold Platinum and now Samsung again added a new colour the black pearl.

But the difference lies in the pricing,the black pearl version of the S7 edge is available for 56,000 whereas the gold platinum,blue pearl costs only 50,000.

The extra 6,000 rupees is not only for the colour but in the black pearl version you are getting 128gb of storage while the rest of the colours comes only with 32gb of storage.

  • Where to buy

All the colours of the S7 edge is available at all online stores like Flipkart,Amazon,snapdeal and many more but the Black pearl version of the S7 edge is exclusive to Samsung’s official website,at least till now.

The black pearl version is already available for purchase on Samsung’s website and the shipments will start from December 30.

  • Offers

Samsung is currently giving an offer in which if your screen cracks because of any reason they will provide you a one-time screen replacement for only 990 rupees,but this is exclusive to the black pearl version.


Author: Bhumik Grover

Tech enthusiast, Introvert, Editor and Owner at

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