You can now book an Uber for other people

Uber has recently released another update which allows you to book an uber for others. The update is a part of the big changes and improvements that Uber is planning to do in the next 180 days.

The update allows you to book an Uber for anyone such as your parents, friends, relative’s etc. You can simply book an Uber for anyone by opening the app, booking a ride and then selecting a pickup point where the Uber driver will ask you that the ride is for you only or for anyone else. After that you will have to select the person you are booking the ride for from your address book, then set the final destination and you are good to go.

The person you have booked the cab for will receive a text message stating the driver’s details along with his number and a link to track the cab. The person can also call the driver directly via the number.

The update has been already rolled out to more than 30 countries and will be coming to the rest of the countries very soon.


Author: Bhumik Grover

Tech enthusiast, Introvert, Hustler√óGrind, Editor and Owner at

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