Alma Mater – India’s largest customized merchandise company for schools and colleges

Alma mater was established in the year of 2009 when no one even thought of opening an e-commerce business, but these two guys Varun Aggarwal and Rohn Malhotra made their company India’s largest customized merchandise company for schools and colleges.

The journey to become the India’s largest was not easy and it took a lot of determination, hard work and sheer patience, so let’s have a look at how it all started.

The two boys were sitting in one of the oldest pubs of Bangalore noon vines and were heavily drunk, they started thinking of their old school days and thought how cool it would be to make hoodies for their own school. 

After some more shots of beer they thought of turning the idea into a business plan and this is how their journey started with a business plan written on a tissue paper “Make merchandise for every school and college in India”.

So they launched the company in the month of November in 2009 with a seed capital of only 1 lakh rupees, at first they made hoodies for their school only and sold 1000’s of hoodie’s at a fair in their school Bishop cotton, Banglore.

After that, they started making hoodies and shirts for other schools and colleges. During those times they operated out of their garage with zero employees. 

But soon things began to change the company was showing growth and by the end of 2010 in just a year they moved into an office in Koramangala with 5 people working for them.

By the year 2011 the company showed growth at 300% and were working with over 600 schools and colleges in 70 different cities across India. 

At present Alma mater is working with over 3000 schools and colleges across India with more than 15,000 customized designs and 3 lakh happy customers.


Author: Bhumik Grover

Tech enthusiast, Introvert, Editor and Owner at

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