Tesla model 3 gets 63,000 cancellations

Tesla model 3 which is the company’s most affordable Electric car yet, just got 63,000 cancellations. Earlier musk revealed that they got 518,000 bookings for the model 3, but according to recode only 455,000 bookings are standing legit as of now.

According to musk “Those cancellations occurred over the course of more than a year”. Tesla till now has produced 50 model 3 cars out of which 30 were for the customers while 20 were for the staff members and one for Elon Musk himself.

If you order a Tesla model 3 car right now you won’t get it for 12-18 months, which might be the only reason for all those cancellations. Musk said that the production “will grow exponentially until we achieve full production”.

Tesla has promised that they will start producing 5,000 model 3 cars every week by the end of this year and the number will rise to 10,000 by the start of 2018. The company by the second half of 2018 will start Shipping to countries outside the United States including India.

The Tesla model 3 has been launched in two editions, one is the standard edition, which is priced at $35,000 and the other one is the Long Range Edition which is priced at $44,000.


Author: Bhumik Grover

Tech enthusiast, Introvert, Editor and Owner at technomagzn.com.

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