Interview with Angad Kahai Singh aka Ur Random Geek

Many people might have a dream of becoming a YouTuber, wanted to meet and collab with other big YouTubers and make a community on Youtube. Recently we interviewed Angad Kahai Singh aka Ur Random Geek who not only made a community on YouTube, but also recently had a collaboration with Technical Guruji. In this interview we are going to ask Angad how his journey started and how one can make a community on YouTube.

Q1). Who is angad kahai singh in real life?

Angad – Angad Kahai Singh in real life is a total introvert, I don’t get out of home much, my ideal day revolves around having a few close friends with me, just laughing, chilling and watching Netflix! Besides YouTube, I’m also a freelance photographer and have shot for companies like Porsche, and now I’m also experimenting with filming promotional videos for companies, and so far, that’s going great!

Q2). How did your YouTube journey started?

Angad – I started messing with YouTube around 2009, I uploaded anything I could, just because I knew random people could see stuff i’m uploading, no actual motive, I made a lot of videos on beyblades at the time! What else do you expect from a kid?

Eventually I started new channels with tech videos where I borrowed a lot of gadgets from my friends and their parents. Later I started developing a passion for filmmaking, but my friends were horrible actors. So all my knowledge went into making products look better, which further down the road made me a what one would call “cinematic tech reviewer”.

Q3). How were you in studies? Do you think that is it necessary for a person to have good educational qualifications in order to do well in life?

Angad – I was what one would call an average student, bad attendance to be honest. I spent a lot of my time fighting the education system and finding ways to follow my passion, but at no given time I distracted from studies when I needed to, I scored about 80% in 12th and through ECA could’ve gotten a good college, but chose my passion and pursue my education from open learning.

Education is necessary, memorising information, is not. There needs to be some reform. I’m out of school and life is very different, and school didn’t prepare me for most of it. This needs to change.

Q4). Is Ur Random geek dead or do you have some plans for URG’s comeback on YouTube?

Angad – Ur Random Geek is not dead, but people first need to know me and my work to finally understand why I shoot phones and tech in a certain way and why I upload maybe once a month, products shown in that way take me approximately a week to shoot and edit, here on this channel, I can still do stuff I love, and be consistent at the same time.

Q5). What are your future plans for your Angad Kahai Singh YouTube channel?

Angad – This channel was a pure experiment, I experimented in genres such as photography, filmmaking, comedy and fashion, and surprisingly, all of them worked, so if you ask me what this channel is, all I can say is, it’s an extension of things I like.

Q6). Was it easy to make a community on YouTube or did you faced some problems during your journey?

Angad – I made a lot of friends through youtube, some in pretty strange ways, one of my great friends Aaditya Ailawadhi from TekGeekHD was introduced to me when I bought his guitar, so as you can see how the journey built up, then a lot of cross linking and meeting people at events happened, and here I am.

Q7). What other Tech YouTubers or YouTubers do you follow?

Angad – I love Ash Tailor, Jonathan Morrison, and obviously AIB ❤️.

Q8). What advice do you want to give new emerging YouTubers?

Angad – You are one video away from getting viral!

Q9). Do you want to say anything to technomagzn?

Angad – Keep up the good work, everyone starts at the bottom, it’s only those who don’t give up who emerge above everyone else, and yeah, once you’re at the top of the world, learn to handle the hate, because from where all the others are, all they see is an ass.

So accept it, and take it in your stride.


Author: Bhumik Grover

Tech enthusiast, Introvert, Editor and Owner at

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