Leela Kids – A new podcast app especially designed for kids

Podcast is an emerging market, which is not only getting a lot of importance now-a-days but also many big players are willing to enter it including Apple. However, in spite of all of this there is not a single app where one can find all of their favorite podcasts to listen. This problem was solved by a California based startup Leela labs in 2016 the year when the company launched their first podcast app.

The app is like a Google search engine but for podcasts and is the perfect choice for all podcast lovers. The company has now solved another problem by launching a new podcast app, especially for kids known as Leela Kids. The app is for kids between the age of three to fifteen years. The app recently got the top rank in the kids category in the Taiwanese app store when parents starting downloading the app.

The app consists of different categories such as “Stories”, “Music”, “Animals” and many more along with different age groups. According to the company’s founder and CEO Sandeep Jain he got the idea for a kids version of Leela’s podcast app when his four year kid was having difficulty in using his company’s podcast app.

In an interview to techcrunch the company’s founder, said that “What struck me most was that despite living in the technology hub of the world, my information consumption resources had been limited to Google Search and certain print publications only,” Jain also said in an email that “I had no idea that podcasts offered such amazing and relevant content and that I could consume this content while driving, at home, etc.”

The Leela Kids app is currently available for both iOS and Android devices.


Author: Bhumik Grover

Tech enthusiast, Introvert, Hustler×Grind, Editor and Owner at technomagzn.com.

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